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registry hacks to speed up xp


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Ok, I JUST got a email from techrepublic on REALLY and truly enhancing the speed of XP. these are registry hacks That could have a huge overall impact for speed. one item talked about in the pdf is, putting the system kernel into memory.

impact, since Ram is faster than the harddrive, you could see serious gains in over all system speed.

Get the ENTIRE FREE..Yes..FREE PDF file to boost your system speed Here

if Rocky wants, maybe he can add it to the downloads for future use by peeps who fresh install their PC's

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If you have the XP side, I have the Vista side for ya. Read up on this site http://www.anandtech.com/systems/showdoc.aspx?i=3060&p=1 and get some performace increases with for us vista users.

As we saw in part 1 of this series, large applications and games under Windows are getting incredibly close to hitting the 2GB barrier, the amount of virtual address space a traditional Win32 (32-bit) application can access. Once applications begin to hit these barriers, many of them will start acting up and/or crashing in unpredictable ways which makes resolving the problem even harder. Developers can work around these issues, but none of these except for building less resource intensive games or switching to 64-bit will properly solve the problem without creating other serious issues.


This obviously needed to be fixed, and for a multitude of reasons (such as Vista & XP application compatibility) such a fix needed to be handled by the operating system. That fix is KB940105, which is a change to how the WDDM handles its video memory management. Now the WDDM will not default to using its full memory management capabilities, and more importantly it will not be consuming virtual address space unless specifically told to by the application. This will significantly reduce the virtual address space usage of an application when video memory is the culprit, but at best it will only bring Vista down to the kind of virtual address space usage of XP.

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A word of caution for you all...

There is no magic registry tweak that will unlock the beast within XP. Processor speed is king, slow processor... slow system. Usually these types of registry tweaks don't actually perform as advertised. Do homework before you impliment and for god sakes keep notes so you can undo anything you change. :thumbsup:

That said... you can properly optimize your system and see better performace than you would if you had not optimized it. I personally preferr TweakGuides Tweaking Companion, the author has been on the forums here... It's a great guide, quite comprehensive.



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