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Has GRAW 2 run its course?

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Dead it was never alive ( about 200 people online playing last night very poor !! ) !! GRAW 3 soon !! Instead of doing a next instalment like GRAW then GRAW 2 and so on get the game patched and working as it should be then do expansion packs and leave it at that.

But it is easier for UBI to bin the support and role out the next new game, it’s just a fact that’s what UBI do nower days.

Where have I heard such defeatist talk before? Hmm...

Oh yeah, one forum down! We said the same stuff about GRAW! Coincidence?

Well, I believe Ubi/GRiN did stop supporting GRAW1 once they announced GRAW2 was under development (correct me if I'm wrong here... was there a GRAW1 patch released after the GRAW2 announcement?).

There are persistent rumors that GRiN's work with GR franchise may be over and RSE is going to step back in for the PC platform. Reading tea leaves is always a dangerous profession but patterns do emerge over time. GRiN delivering the editors and tools were huge but I've seen some threads that talk about how unfriendly they can be (powerful yes)... and those tools and the smart modders here on the board will certainly help prolong GRAW2... but in reality we got a small number of maps (both SP and MP in my opinion) with the retail package. If they put out an expansion set and charge a decent fee then I will buy it but if it's $29 or more than I'll be done financing Ubi's guesswork at how to address this market.

[GR] lasted as long as it did because we got the game + two fairly priced expansion packs that were well-timed for delivery + the tools to let the modders go nuts. If Ubi is expecting to drop GRAW2 on the market, then the tools and expect the modders to keep the game going? Good luck with that strategy...

Just my $.02, and we all know the true value of a free opinion, right? :thumbsup:

-John K.

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Well, I believe Ubi/GRiN did stop supporting GRAW1 once they announced GRAW2 was under development (correct me if I'm wrong here... was there a GRAW1 patch released after the GRAW2 announcement?).

I think that's about right. I recall 1.35 being the last patch/update we got. That was the first iteration of [GR] COOP mode, I think. There were like ALL of us in on the BETA for that. (not-so-fond memories of what we did to Ubi's FTP folder while waiting for them to make the patch available for download there...) And I remember there still being a lot of bugs, glitches and crap to work out. YES, greatly improved over the initial retail release, which itself was FAR smoother than the demo. Got it. But still left me feeling like...

Well, imagine you take your car to the shop because it's making a strange noise. They fix that noise, but leave you with a DIFFERENT strange noise. Rinse, repeat. Twice. And finally, you're left with a car that still has a strange noise coming from under the hood, just not the SAME strange noise. And then the shop says they no longer support that model because the NEW model is out.

THAT is kinda how I feel on GRAW. Rather than fix the product, Ubisoft abandoned it. In most industries, you only do that when filing for bankruptcy protection and cashing out your employees' pensions. It's bad business, and it's in VERY poor form...

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I think if modders can give us new maps(old GR maps, some GRAW1 and some completle new). The ability of make our own kits(Premade kits are way too restrictive) and some adjustment to the weapons(No, you can't not run and gun with a sniper rifle) I long for the "Caves" days also, where snipers set up on nice spots and barely move. They could see almost the whole map, all the way down and snipe peps all the way up in the mountain. No "draw" shortcomings. But we got what we got. I just hope someone step up, grab the fumble and run it for a touchdown. (Football season baby!!!)

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