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Any interest in the third chapter?

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I'm just wondering what interest there is in the third chapter of my CamoPack series. The third chapter won't have alot of new camo uniforms, maybe half a dozen or so. What it will have though is baseball caps and berets done in my camos, along with several webbing/flak vest sets done out in my camos.

Same old story, most of this stuff was ready to go before I left the GR modding scene. I ask about interest because I'm aware that there is atleast one member of these forums that has convert my skins over to another game and is using them for a mod he is working on for that game (with my permission), so it's becoming more of a universal camopack, not just specifically designed for GR.

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Hmmm... No replies does signify lack of interest. Perhaps these will be of interest to you:



Now to complete the bump maps (ripstop & cotton) to overlay onto the wrinkles....

(you probably can't see it too well from there, but the NO M/03 is actually three colours in the image above, I think applying it to the wrinkles with 'multiply' layer settings has in effect thrown the colouration of slightly)

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WD :yes: im interested in seeing Camopack 3. It will be nice to see them with the bump maps aswell.

The current line up is the two posted above along with: French CE, Swedish M90k, South African Police pattern, CADPAT, WD 'Dryad', WD 'Giraffepat', WD 'Galaxy'. There might be a few others too. I've already mentioned the ball caps will be included aswell as 'extras' (*cough*woolen cuffs*cough*rolled up sleeves*cough*cough*)

The NO M/03 and SE M/90k are recolourations of their woodland counterparts, whereby I [painstakingly] recoloured all the camo colours by hand using the paintbrush and much less the freehand selection tools. I tidied up my paintbrush work with a bit of smudge tool jiggery-pokery. If I use the same selection & recolouration technique for the YU jigsaw pattern, I could turn it into the Slovenian jigsaw pattern.

I'll probably be looking at putting out two versions of v3 - one where the uniforms use the ripstop bump map, one where the uniforms use the cotton bump map.

With this hint of interest, so begins the third encounter (of a close kind). Hehe, fear my play on words 'skillz'

WD CamoPack version 3 - let your soul fly free.

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  • 2 months later...

Geschwindigskeitraush! No recent updates as I have been busy performing camosurgery down in the Klinik.

Just an update:

A camo pattern based of 'sample' (where you got an image with 'sample' written all over it) is coming along with a camo pattern consisting entirely of random letters/numbers. Several metallic 'camos' are underway too. Don't get me started on that bloodsplat 'camo' pattern.... :whistle:

A special request has come in for me to make a camo pattern out of US dollar notes.

Also there's the possibility of a further update to v2.x series to preceed the v3 series.

I got some more pics here somewhere, but it's 00:46 now and I can't be bothered to upload them to Photo######It right now as I am need of sleep.

If it's camo it must be WytchDokta.

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I'm looking at entirely remaking my COWPAT camo pattern. I will use layers for it this time; the base will be the semaless grass swatch I have (featured in WD Grasscam), the layer on top will be based of WD Blobbytarn, but with brown distorted circles and a deleted background colour - so I'll overlay the two layers end blend them using that WD method from the darkside. Then there will an included tutorial of how I did it....

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If you have any vests done or have the original GR load bearing vest could you mail it to me? I want to put a vest on some of your skins from CamoPack 2

Which camo patterns are you looking for on the vests? Currently, I only have the British and German flak vests and webbing as wrinkles, but it shouldn't be too hard to do this for the US flak vests.

EDIT: for some reason, I just subconsciously spelled 'which' as 'wytch'

New blog entry at the Klinik

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Update -

.: New Zealand DPM desert 2-colour (chocolate brown on dark tan background) has been added. This is a recolouration of the UK DPM desert 2-colour pattern. Pic to be added in due course.

.: Chinese 'Tibet' pattern Flecktarn added. This is a recolouration of the German Flecktarn. Pic coming shortly.

.: WD 'Yeti' pattern added. This is a recolouration of the WD 'Wolf' pattern.

.: BGS 'Strichtarn' swatch almost completed by my accomplis and will be added soon.

.: I'm looking at the possibility of doing my own custom recolourations of some the current military patterns, like a winter 2-colour DPM pattern (perhaps light blue or dark green on white background). This includes several of the current patterns recoloured to shades of pink (hey I have to cater for the girls aswell before they start filing equal rights complaints, lol)

The WytchDokta reign of modding terror shall beseige the GR modding again, for the Master has returned from his departure from the GR modding scene. See, there is an old GR legend that says that tells us it's impossible to fully leave the scene and to try to do so would eventually bring back those who tried to leave.

Now to find out what camos my competition are in the process of making and/or have made. Let's start with the Russian Partizan camo.... :whistle:

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Update -

.: Australian DPDU colouration adjusted. It's now alot closer to the real life colouration.

.: Austrian winter pattern colouration adjusted. A fade correction filter was added to brighten up the whiteness of the swatch.

.: Dutch DPM colouration adjusted. It's now alot closer to the real life colouration.

.: German BGS 'Strichtarn' uniform added. Pic to follow shortly.

Possible upcoming additions/fixes -

.: Australian red DPDU pattern.

.: French Desert 'Daguet' pattern.

.: German BGS 'Sumpfmuster' pattern resized. Currently the pattern is too big.

.: Japanese Airforce pattern

.: New Zealand DPM woodland pattern recolouration

.: Romanian woodland pattern.

.: Russian Partizan pattern.

.: US Multicam unifrom re-done using a swatch from my newly recruited project team member.

Version 3 currently has 109 uniforms, and we've still got a large number of uniforms to add.

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.: Added - Flags of Japan and Bangladesh.

.: Planned - Flag of Brazil

Making a circle on a 10x8 pixel canvas is not easy.

CamoPack v3.0 features list:

.: New camos ...

. Australian DPCU red

. Austrian Pea Dot


. BRD 'Strichtarn'

. Canadian 'CADPAT' woodland, desert & arctic

. Chinese 'Tibet' Flecktarn

. French 'Centre Europe'

. Lebanon Police urban DPM

. New Zealand 2 colour desert DPM

. Norwegian M03 desert

. Nepal blue DPM

. Swedish M91 desert

. WD 'Floorboards'

. WD 'Yeti'

. ZA urban DPM


.: Recolourations ...

. AT winter


. CZ 'Mlok'

. IT woodland

. NL DPM woodland

. NZ DPM woodland


.: Mitchell 'Recto' & 'Verso' helmet covers textures fixed.

.: German BGS 'Sumpfmuster' pattern resized.

.: US Multicam unifrom re-done with Archers new Multicam swatch.

.: New Flags ...

. Bangladesh

. Brazil

. Japan


.: New folders ...

. Bits & Pieces

. Documentation

. Resources


.: Re-organised folder structure.

.: Country Abbreviations section split from readme and placed into a separate file.

.: Some old obsolete files that should have been removed in v2.x but never were have

now been removed.

.: Reworked presentation of all documentation.

.: Some file names have been adjusted.

That is the most current list - there are more skins etc planned, but they will be added to the features list as & when they're done.

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Great list of updates WD. I like the two templates you posted earlier too.

Thanks. If anything, the lightest colour on the CN 'Tibet' flecktarn is slightly off, but it's damn close. I plan to finalise the Strichtarn today and get atleast the new Multicam skin done too. Can't do anything for now as I'm waiting around for my new headphones to arrive. Just spent £180 on an industry standard set of headphones for my audio production work (I could be going on to do an audio/music production course next year)

If I get round to it, there could be futher 'Ectoplasm' prototypes in the project, and these would cover other environments. I may have a cow fur and human skin 'camos' ready soon too (the cow skin 'camo' will be separate from COWPAT as COWPAT was made to reflect piles of cowpat in a field (espiecially created for the [GR] 'Farm' map))

Aside from that I still have some unused swatches I haven't got around to putting in any version of the project yet. These are mainly the Chinese patterns than are similar to the US 'Duckhunter' pattern. Also, the old two colour black and tan Egyptian two colour desert camo won't take 30 seconds to make as the black shapes are very simple....

I will showcase some of the aforementioned 'girly' camos later too, aswell as some WD crazy custom recolourations I've done, including British DPM in 'Autumn' colours.

Oh that remiunds me, I need to finish the 'Tetris' camo and the dollar bill camo yet :wall:

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Update -

.: Chinese four colour desert DPM added. This is the four colour British woodland DPM in desert colours (didn't Brits trial a four colour DPM pattern at one point?)

.: Russian MVD KKO 'Garod-1' Blue added

.: More adjustments to filenames

.: v3.0 will likely not include the helmet covers/boonies for the new camos done via recolourations (Chinese 'Tibet' Flecktarn, Russian MVD KKO 'Garod-1' etc), but will include the helmet covers/boonies for the brand new camos (DE BRD 'Strichtarn' etc). The remainder of the recoloured helmet covers/boonies will be implemented in an update of the v3.x series.

Some new camos were missed off the above features list, they are: Slovenian Jigsaw, Russian MVD Ten', Russian MVD blue DPM, WD Benjaminz ('Benjaminz' as in money, this is the US dollar bills 'camo' pattern) and WD Tetriz.

As it stands, v3.0 is a cumulative project, you won't need any previous version and no 'incremental' updates will be available to v3.0 (unlike previous versions) - this is because too much has changed, most all filenames for the camos have been adjusted to more realistic designations etc.

We're working our way down that list - New Zealand DPM and Netherlands DPM patterns have been recoloured. Shouldn't be too far off now, I think a January release date won't be far wrong.

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After spending all last night on audio endeavours, it seems that a little something I'm working on to do with the audio side of things may be present in the bonus content section of the project. Put it this way, I want to embark on a music production course in the new year as I want to further my skills (I am self-taught ATM, and that comes across in my work as it still sounds quite rough). I intend to bring to the course one or two of my musical compositions.

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I have also decided to include a special never-seen-before concept 'camo'. Note the quotation marks on the word camo and think GR soldier selection screen. I'm also going to attempt to custom digitize British DPM.... :whistle:

It's all coming together nicely and on schedule, so the January release date still looks very achievable. So get prepared for my encore.

BTW, watch this forum for a Christmas presant from me. This is another project of mine which includes some stuff I have been asked for on several occasions. It's nothing to do with the CamoPack (well, not directly anyway), but it is relative to GR. I lost the work on it back along (due to changing to a new rig), but have just this minute found the backup copy. I'm just updating a few things within the project right now. I plan to release this other project tonight as an early Christmas presant.

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