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X-Fire Coop Players

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Want to play a coop game but nobody is willing to coordinate on a pub? Or how about trying to get a campaign coop mission going? I've always found it to be a pain to try and get people to work together on pub, so I figured I'd start up a new X-Fire group and have an organized set of players that want to play coop games. One of the great things about X-Fire is that you won't need Teamspeak to chat either since it has it's own built in comms. This allows you to quickly find players that want to play coop and be able to talk to them rather than communicate through text. If you like to play coop feel free to join this group. Everyone is welcome (you apply, you're in), there are no rules or standards, just an easier way to find coop players.


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So far the cult has 8 members and is growing bit by bit. Sign up and find more players to set up coop modes. If you want to play campaign coop you should download Hamachi in the mean time. Feel free to sign up with the Cult, Kool-Aid optional.

Download Hamachi here:


After you install Hamachi make sure it is "on" (the button on the bottom left that looks like a power button should be green). From there click on the button with a triangle on it (bottom right) and select "Join an existing network." The name of the network is GRAW 2 X-Fire Coop and the password is coop. Anyone is welcome to use this network to play campaign games until the next patch comes along and fixes the issue.

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Yeah man, I got it.. but don't know how to do anything else, I know an old person I talk to every once in a blue moon, but the add was alot easier. I don't know how to accept it though, the invitation..

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