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This is a thread about the full version of the game.

Man, is it amazing. The graphics are great and it runs well on my machine. The mood is perfect and it's only helped by the great sound design. There are a few places that kind of creeped me out and one particular part so far that literally made me jump out of my seat. Do NOT read below if you don't want to know what is going to happen.


In the dental area, before the guy in the surgery area I'm supposed to find, I walked into this room that had mist/steam. I could see from the outside that there was a dental chair with a corpse to loot so I walked in. As soon as I did, I was blinded by the steam and could not see a thing, but I heard footsteps over to my left. As soon as my vision cleared I put my back to the corner to see if anyone would come - nothing did. After that I saw a desk with a bottle of Tonic so I walked to it, turned away from the desk to see if anything followed me, and all of a sudden I went blind again. When my vision cleared I was looking at the desk, which I remembered I WASN'T doing before I was blinded, so I turned back to where I was looking before and there was a creepy doctor right in my face!

Needless to say, he got a face full of Tommy Gun bullets and was put down quick. It really freaked me out because the doctors all have the classic psychopathic doctor attire.

Also, I got the Telekinesis Plasmid (my third so far), but I had to replace my Pyro Plasmid because I didn't have enough slots. Should I be able to buy more slots at this point, or do I have to wait until later in the game to do so? I can't open up this unexplored area because it's blocked by ice and I replaced the Pyro.


The sound is amazing especially with a good headset or speaker system (I'm using the AudioFX Pro headset). One thing to note, though. Be sure your audio device is compatible with the newer EAX versions - 4.0 or higher is what they used if I remember right. If not, the sound will be there in the cutscenes (like the intro one), but when the game shifts to the real gameplay, there is no sound. My headset is EAX 2.0 compatible so I think since BioShock is EAX 4.0 it didn't work. Once I turned EAX off, it worked fine.

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Thanks for the spolier alert, I skipped by the spoilers. I have it, but not installed it yet. Can't wait to try it out, from what I have seen though it will require a slowly slowly approach rather than a DOOM approach, correct?

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Yes, its better to take things slowly because you really have to think out how you're going to tackle a certain situation. Always be aware of your surroundings because they can give you the tactical (hah, it's not GR) advantages. Also, it's easy to overlook things, especially in the heat of combat. There are aids in the options like highlights for usable or unique items/switches, a direction to the objective marker, etc. but these can all be turned off - which I did for a more realistic effect, but I almost missed the shotgun :blink: . Moving slowly definitely helps because you are less likely to get jumped by Splicers or caught off guard by sentry guns or drones.

Sound can also play a factor in how you play. You can clearly hear your character's feet as you walk around, but if you stand still (in a safer place, of course) you can listen for footsteps around you or Splicers mumbling to themselves - as creepy as it is. You can figure out how to avoid them or how to best kill them sometimes just by listening.

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I just played more of it and I absolutely love it. I still need to get better at switching to different plasmids or different weapons on the fly because I've run into instances where I need to use one plasmid and then a different one right after.

The fights against Big Daddies have been my favorite part of the game so far. It's always an adrenaline rush to fight one - and I'm glad that it's only one at a time. I do tend to lose a lot of medkits when fighting one type of BD - yes, there are more than one.

I like all my Plasmids and Tonics (Telekinesis especially), but I don't have enough slots yet to have all of them at once. I think that there may be more Plasmids and Tonics than there are available slots (total unlocked slots).

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