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Where to buy Games Online?


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Ok im looking for a good or the best place to buy games on the net. I just learned today my game store shut its doors. I know afew of you been buying games online for years and would like some imput on where you buy your games at. I have got a familyvideo.com in town and been looking at them. They always seem to be around $8 cheaper than buying it at a game store. They promise they ship the game out early so its at your doorstep the day its ment to be out.

Anyways i would like to hear from you guys if you used familyvideo.com or any other place. Are they cheap/cheaper than a game store? Do they always have the game to you on the day of release? Or anything else you like about where you shop! If you also could maybe a small thing on the worst thing that you had happen usen your online site (game came late, didn't show up at all, payed more than a game store price or what ever).

Thanks guys


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Well Dp i'm sure you are looking at trying to buy new games online, but I'll tell you about what I used to do to get my games when I had a console.

I've been a member of blockbuster online for several years now and at the time we joined up they would give you the three movies at a time in the mail, but they would also give you two free coupons a month for either a game or movie. At the time I had a ps2 and then later a xbox360 and my wife would get the movies she wanted and I would use the coupons to get games. Now with blockbuster they give you 5 day rentals with the game, but because of no late fees they extend that by another 7 to 9 days. After that period you only have to pay $1.20 restocking fee or something like that. Since I had two coupons a month I would just rent the game for two weeks, and then if I liked the game I would use my other coupon to rent it the rest of the month. Many times getting games like this has helped me avoid spending the $50 on something I wouldn't like.

It helps to have a large blockbuster in town with a large games section because newer releases are harder to get but I never seemed to have a hard time finding a game I wanted. Now blockbuster doesn't offer the two free coupons a month anymore but I still get mine since they are good to their customers and won't take away what was originally part of the deal. There are several people though on ebay who sale these coupons for game rentals for $1.99 a piece with no shipping, and they have a large quantity you can buy. This might not solve your problem but it is a very cheap way to test out a game before you buy it and plus how many times have you bought a game and played it for 3 months then never touched it again? If you get two coupons a month at $1.99 each and rent the game for three months you've only spent $12.

I'm an extreme tight wad so if I really want to buy and own the game I will buy it used from a gamestop. I have never had a problem with any game I bought used. A lot of times gamestop will run offers where if you buy two used games you'll get the third of equal or lesser value for free. Now if I really really have to have the game when it comes on opening day (i was obsessed with socom at one point) that is when I get my wife involved and have the mother in law get it for me.

Now I don't use my coupons at all anymore since I have no consoles. I got rid of them since we don't have highspeed in the area we moved to. I also owe you since you hooked me up with the free trial of xbox live when I first got the xbox so if you are interested in a free game rental let me know and I'll PM you my coupons for the month of September when they become available.


I highly recommend blockbuster online to anyone who loves to watch movies or rents a lot of movies a month. My wife is a stay at home mom so she has a lot of time on her hands (don't tell her I said that). We have the $17.99 a month deal where you get 3 movies out at a time. The best feature of blockbuster which they started this year is that you can return the movies you get in the mail to any blockbuster store and get 3 movies right of the shelf (I'm sure you've seen the commercials on this). Now when you exchange the online movies for the store movies the store checks in your online movies right then and there and it tells the website that you have returned your movies and they send out the next three movies in your queue. By the time you finish watching the three movies from the store your next three movies have arrived in the mail. You get a great value. I usually only have time to watch movies on the weekends but it still seems like I watch a ton of movies a month.

Ok, longwinded but hopefully the info helped someone.

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Thanks dporter,

But i have one problem with blockbuster. That is you need a CC to rent games. All i have is a Debt Card and they wont allow it. Thanks anyways though bro. I been kind of doing the same thing with Family Video. Renting the games for afew weeks or until played out. Now that my main store closed down to buy games closest i have is in the next town over. Hate driven there and aint really a big fan of EBgames or what ever they call themself now. So im looking for a good place to buy online and mostly looking for a place where it arrives the same day i can get it at a store. Been thinking if it dont show i still can go rent it until it does show up. So i might try afew places out and see how it goes.

@ WhiteKnight77

Thanks i will look into it soon as i can.

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