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22nd August 2007

Codemasters Reveals Full Game Title and Teaser Trailer at Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig, Germany.

Operation Flashpointâ„¢2: Dragon Rising was today announced as the full title for the return of the leading name in modern military simulation gaming. Codemasters also revealed an explosive teaser trailer for the game in its booth (Hall 4, F01) at Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig, Germany. The [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising]: Dragon Rising teaser trailer is now available to view and download from www.codemasters.com/flashpoint2.

Planned to arrive in 2008 for major console platforms and PC, [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising]: Dragon Rising marks the long-awaited return of the total conflict simulator. This addition to Codemasters popular franchise will challenge a new generation of gamers to survive the chaos and rapidly evolving situations of military combat in a current contemporary theatre of war.

“Set on a vast oil-rich island located off the eastern coast of Russia, just north of Japan, [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising]: Dragon Rising’s plot takes place during a time of tension between Russia and China over the island’s disputed ownership,” explains Andrew Wafer, Brand Manager for [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising]: Dragon Rising, at Codemasters. “The game opens as Chinese forces launch an offensive, and referencing the game’s title, as the dragon rises over the island, players will find themselves in a situation that is set to flare up into a flashpoint like never before.”

[Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising]: Dragon Rising utilizes an evolved version of Codemasters proprietary game engine Neon. As depicted in the new teaser trailer, soldiers, weaponry and military vehicles will be as authentic and realistically detailed as ever, and the environments will be a comprehensive simulation of real world locations, densely packed to create rich and challenging tactical combat situations.

[Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising]: Dragon Rising is in development at Codemasters Studios, and is currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. Be sure to check out the official game website located at www.codemasters.com/flashpoint2 to see the teaser trailer and to sign up for future development briefings.

@ Youtube

* Codemasters "Code M" members can Download the full hi-res video in 3 formats < Here >


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Where does this fit in with ArmA, I never really understood this.

Simple answer It doesn't

After Operation Flashpoint, there was supposed to be [OFP: DR] but after years of delay with nothing to show, BIS split with Codemasters (who own the flashpoint name)

BIS quickly released The XBOX version, then Armed Assault (basically an updated version of VBS1 engine) and in the future will be Armed Assault 2 (Formerly the unnamed title known as "Game 2")

Codemasters who own the Flashpoint name are still saying they are releasing "[Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising]" but there is a lot of speculation they still don't have anything much put together and are years away from a releasable title (if ever)

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but there is a lot of speculation they still don't have anything much put together and are years away from a releasable title (if ever)

Considering they're using an engine they already have put together (DiRT's neon -- wonder how well it will do with more than cars?) I'd say they can definitely hit that 08 release date. Games get made from scratch in two years all the time, especially by big, organized companies like Codemasters..

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Does anybody know anything more about this neon engine? :blink:


Neon will be the growling powerhouse that'll drive the next generation of the series' sublimely handled, incredibly detailed vehicles and fantastic living environments. Neon has been in production for over 18 months with over 30 tech experts on the development team. It will be used to build Colin McRae: DIRT from the ground up with tech developed solely for use in next-gen formats, so gamers can expect no recycled McRae tech inDIRT.

The detail that Neon provides enables the dev team to model locations and environments as accurately as possible, giving each their own unique look and feel. Air movements are modeled using real-time physics, so everything from trees to car exhaust will be affected by the wind just like in the real world. Neon also delivers impressive impact detail. You'll see metal crumple, glass smash, and everything that you collide with in the game's environment will be destroyed in a realistic way.

Says Gavin Cheshire, Vice President of Codemasters Studios: "Neon delivers an engine that provides us with so much more scope and possibilities than an update of existing tech would have ever allowed. The most obvious result is in the visual detail and physics that produce incredible particle effects. Neon makes it possible to go into seemingly minute detail but will create the most realistic and involving environments in the racing genre."

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