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Sound bug HK21E - missing firing sound

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Sound bug HK21E:

the firing sound of the first shots can't be heard by other people.

You can head it yourself, but someone else can't hear you shooting.

But support isn't used much anyway so it isn't that big of a problem ;)


Please add the following information to your post abiove.

1. what is HK21E. I have no idea, so others may not either.

2. What is your sound card and motherboard.

3. what driver and driver version are you using to generate sound.

This appears to be a hardware problem, so hardware specifics, including driver versions, are ususally required for such bug reports.

Thank you,

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ok sorry, thought everone has this and it's not hardware specific cause it happens also on my brothers rig with complete different hardware. did you try it and don't have it ?

HK21E is the 2nd support kit's primary weapon, at least I think it's called HK21E

have this bug from the demo to v1.03

tested it with generic hardware, software, Audigy 2 and 4 at both medium and high quality, EAX on and off, latest drivers.

OS is XP SP2.

Hope this helps, but I'm quite sure this isn't hardware specific :shifty:

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