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Remake of mission01


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This mission is a remake of mission01 of sp campaign.It's the same mission the difference are it's night time...and the're is more ennemies Good luck.

Tks to Boomshakalacka who tested it on lan servers...also tks to GRIN_Wolfsong for the tools and help.

INSTALLATION:Unrar into your custom_levels folder.

Have fun!

Mission_storm bundle link

PS.I really enjoyed this campaign but some maps were to easy...

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RPG, played it, ran smooth on my pc,3.0 2gb ram, 6800 gs. I played with friendly ai. Went slow and got through it(your graw1 missions taught me well--glad you're doing campaign coop first, that allows taking ai with you). Thanks.

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Good god in heaven this is hard. On hardcore, and with the odds heavily against you, you've got to be so careful it's untrue. Every mission starts with an onslaught, then you progress to each chokepoint, dig in, and rack up the kills. Stealth is vital for getting into position, but as soon as the first shot is fired, you've got to find cover and start firing. The firefights are protracted due only to the huge amount of enemy. It's like BHD - the amount of enemy crossing the bridge after you blow the artillery in the first mission is just overwhelming. For a period of about 5 minutes, all I could hear was Ramirez on the .50cal over my left shoulder, rounds pinging off the truck I was hiding behind, and the report of silenced rifles - great moment.

This is great fun, rpghard, thank you for this. Keep up the good work!

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So i downloaded this mission pack and Bretzies weapon mod and I've been having a blast this weekend.

First mission is pretty fun with the added AI. I had finished blowing up the ADATs and I was clearing the bridge and I thought I cleared everyone until I sent the drone toward the end of the bridge and saw this:


And after a quick change of the chones I was back in business.

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