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Coop: killed .50 cal gunners still standing

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Last night on Tacticalgamers.com dedicated coop server, the AI was set on Hardcore. There were only 2 of us on the server.

On numerous occassions (4 or 5 times?), when we would kill enemy soldiers that were previously mounted on the enemy .50 cal machine guns, they remained standing in some odd way. They did **not** fall to the ground. They did appear to be "disconnected" from the .50 cal, and yet the physics engine allowed them to remain balanced on their own 2 feet, even though their hands were sort of thrown back and their head off in some angle etc.

I'm sorry I didn't get screen shots as I did not have FRAPs running at the time.

I will try to run FRAPs from now on in hopes of updating this post.

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