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America's Army Announcement Trailer on 360 Markeplace


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America's Army Announcement Trailer appears on Markeplace (20 Aug 07)

Wow, looks great.

First Person Weapon View

Almost a complete lack of icons and "tech" junk on the screen.

Looks like a lot of realistic iron sights to me.

Still has "kill status"scrolling in top center of screen.

Other than that, what can you tell from an announcement trailer? Not much.

We may have our tactical shooter! The video has me pumped.

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No news on this game is bad news... I'm afraid... just like movies, that have no reviews out, before it hits theaters. Its hitting during the busiest game release time 360 has seen to date. It will get lost to the Halo3/COD4/HL2-TeamFortress crowd, unless they start putting a lot of PR/Marketing buzz behind it and it gets above average reviews. Other wise it will only cater to a small segment of the Clancy GR crowd. I know my clan Old School doesn't even really have it on their radar at all. Halo3 & COD4 seem to be the biggies for us.

I think RedStorm/Ubisoft is missing out not putting out some free buzz, with bloggers, communities and such...

I mean c'mon, the game comes out in a couple weeks and we have 1 preview from IGN, and thats it? Did I miss some other previews?

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