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E3 2007 level one play


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Ahh that must be the John Rambo school of keeping a low profile

"run into the middle of the enemy village(s) and go pulp fiction on them - & if time, then run and jump in the sea"

should have taken the suppressor off from the start, wasn't like it was helping :P

and I'm sure i saw part of that clip on Americas wackiest home movies, titled "how not to get your speedboat in the water"

if shooting it, revving the engine or blowing it up don't work then ram it with y'all's pick-up truck


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I agree, he was playing a kind of "I'm here boyz" type of approach, but it was nice to see that there was an air of go anywhere do anything as long as you get to do the objective. I loved the freedom shown, he should of tried his nano suit strength to see if he could of lifted or pushed the front end of the boat into the water.

Overall, the freedom shown in play is awesome, the game play looks none linear as you could make it. I personally will be testing out all the objects one-by-one, jumping onto rock clusters and generally enjoying the scene. but on a serious level play, I will try to be all stealth and I'm looking forward to geting my hands on the Fileplanet Beta.

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oh yeah great video plus nice and long, not the usual short clip or mix of clips

watched it several times trying to spot all the different stuff

building demolition was cool how it broke into pieces

tree's knocked/blown over

spotted the crabs running about on the shore in the bit where he runs into the sea

the "Grab enemy" was fun to see

and like you say how player has to transfer energy to do specific things like speed or armour (don't think he used "maximum jump" though) so not totally super powered have to plan what you need to do

and definitely another style of play available, IIRC read something a long time ago how you could snipe the enemy with remote detonated poison/explosive projectiles (they would think just an insect bite), so could snipe "inject" several sentries one at a time and then remote kill them all at once

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yeah this game looks utterly awesome and the gameplay seems utterly awesome as well, too bad my P4 will probably run this thing like crap, but who knows maybe i will be able get an upgrade to a quad core to truly enjoy the game.

I love the whole concept of Crysis and the whole just do it sort of approach to objectives, and to think there might be consequences as to which way to do the objectives. Imagine if the next ghost recon was made on CryEngine 2 or the oblivion engine, that engine is great and would provide great performance.

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Haha..what a cool vid. :lol:

U saw every blade of grass moving? at the beginning of vid? :P

Very impressive... :thumbsup:

And yes the freedom...YesYES!!! ..So Cool!

Theres a 3rd person view option while driving vehicules?

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  • "Serveur FTP JeuxVideo.fr 1"
    "Serveur FTP JeuxVideo.fr 2"
    "Serveur HTTP JeuxVideo.fr"


FTP Server, GameVideo.fr 1

FTP Server, GameVideo.fr 2

HTTP Server, GameVideo.fr

Although in this case it would stay as JeuxVideo in English because that's the name of the website.

I don't know if my translation is correct as English is my second langauge (or so I lay claim because my foreign colleagues always used to refuse to serve customers when they didn't understand what the customer was saying, giving me the excuse 'English is my second language'. So I started doing it because fair's fair, if they can say it to get out of doing work, then so can I! But they tell me I can't say it because I'm English - in accordance to the equal rights act I can say 'English is my second language' despite what nationality I am)

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if you move your mouse over

  • "Serveur FTP JeuxVideo.fr 1"
    "Serveur FTP JeuxVideo.fr 2"
    "Serveur HTTP JeuxVideo.fr"

they show as links , just click one of them

Hmmm, now it works. the other night i tried that and there were no links to click.

Works now though, good find viiper!

Love the sparks and blood blume's from hit and missed rounds, looks incredible.

I noticed that the players health and shields very quickly regenerate, even when he got down to 11/100 ths on a few occasions.

I hated this in COD3, but hopefully its not part of multiplayer.

Not a great day for me and crysis.

I found out theres no TDM or capture the flag, and players can take dozens of hits with no real consequence as they just regenerate anyways, and just like GRAW1, enemy AI standing 5 feet from one of there own that just took 6 rounds to the head, don't react at all, but will happily stand there until you get within there line of sight.

I had multiplayer misgivings before, now I'm plain worried.

Modding can remove some of these flaws, but the bulk of the community may not use the same mod, therefore making for empty servers.

Come on Crytec, your scareing me!

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