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MP Kit images not updating/clearing

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When scrolling through kits, if a primary has a suppressor then the next kit scrolled with that weapon will show it with a suppressor too, however if you scroll onto a different weapon and then scroll back the suppressor no longer shows


From Assault kit 1 to 2, shows 2 with suppressor however if scroll to kit 3 and then go back, 2 no longer shows "long barrel"

From Rifle kit 7 to 8, shows 8 with suppressor however if scroll to kit 9 and then go back, 8 no longer shows "long barrel"

From Rifle kit 4 to 5, shows 5 with suppressor however if scroll to kit 6 and then go back, 5 no longer shows "long barrel"

this typically occurs when scrolling left to right (as suppressor is "first"and then doesn't "clear")

but Sniper kit 3 is fine when going left to right however if you then go back to 3 from 4 it then shows 3 as having a suppressor (as 3 doesn't have one but 4 does)

This can be an annoying bug as you go in game thinking you have a suppressor however you soon find on first shot that you don't. Particularly with people who don't know the kits and scroll back & forth through them trying to decide.

seen on title release and still seen with patch v1.03

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