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CampCoop: Cannot give move/cover orders to other humans

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Version 1.03


When in Campaign Coop, the human squad leader cannot communicate to his human coop members in the same way he communicates to his AI guys. In other words, he cannot use the movement and cover order system to indicate vidual cues.

As this worked in GRAW1, I consider it a bug in GRAW2.

Additionally, (and related to this bug) you cannot look through the cross comm of your Human squad mates in Campaign coop either.

All of these bugs are related to a single reality. When you scroll through the list of members in your squad in campaign coop, the game skips over the human members. so if you cant select them in the list, you cant give them orders or select tehir cross comm for looking through.

EDIT. Additional detail .....


As Squad leader, i cannot give an order to another human using the move-here, cover there system.


As Squad leader, I cannot **select** a human to give an order to. The human players are skipped over in the scroll list. so if you have 2 humans and 2 AI, The human names in teh list are skipped over during the mouse wheel scroll.


Becuase i cannot select a human, I cannot look through his cross com.


Becuase I cannot use the cross com of a Human, I cannot issue an advancing order through that Humans cross comm.


During Multiplayer coop campaign, my human buddy could not see the red diamonds i was tagging people with.

(See other bug report specifically about this red diamond tagging desync business, but I mentioned it here in this report becuase I believe all these bugs are related)

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