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Squirrels Creek


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Rocky, Castle Day map 3DSM file came with Desert Siege i think and was part of tutorial so i think that this one will be the only 100% accurate GR map in GRAW2.

It doesnt mean that is only click-and-watch to get it into GRAW though, but it's a good start for sure.

Now if we could only get all 3DSM files from GR... :hmm:

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Maps will be released when they're ready. Have no idea when, but it's basically as fast as possible as this game ain't gonna last too long after what I can see. Haven't really had time to work much this week do to irl work, but I've got the whole next week free so expect some great progress then.

As said before, the Castle Day map is created using the 3dMax file from RSE. It saves me from the work of creating the actual models, but it's a still a bit of a work to get some good new textures and implement all this into the diesel engine. Squirrels Creek map is offcourse created totally from scratch.


Maps will be setup atleast for the different team vs. team modes before release. Have no idea if any coop stuff will be included before that. I actually think it's better to get the maps out as fast as possible so people can get some new maps to play on as this is maybe the biggest issue (few maps) I see in GRAW2 atm.


This is ONLY to avoid you getting your head shot of... :P

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