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Squirrels Creek


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Three years have passed since I did any modding for the GR franchise, well to be honest I haven't done much modding since then, but with GRAW2 and the very customizable (and complex) diesel engine, I felt the time was ready to mod again. For the good ol' Ghost Recon I only got to release one map, better know as "The Farm". The map was built specially for Alpha Squads coop tournament Stealth Recon 2004 and 30-40 teams played this map in may-june 2004. It was a big success and nothing like this had been done in Ghost Recon before. A custom map in such a big coop tourney.

Later I started working on two maps, the mill and barricades, but they was never released due to my lack of motivation, time and because the glory days of Ghost Recon were slowly fading out.

The Farm (click for fullsize)


The Mill (click for fullsize)


Barricades (click for fullsize)


Squirrels Creek

So the time had come for GRAW2 and I needed an idea of what to make. I have always been a big fan of the open woodland maps from the [Ghost Recon], so I wasn't in doubt of what enviroment I wanted in the map. I needed something close combat aswell, a building or something and I couldn't really forget the old Mill map I was making for GR. I searched around a bit on the internet and i stumbled over a mill in North Carolina US, called Yates Mill. I found some great reference photos from the mill and I wasn't in doubt. The Yates Mill has some nice groundlevel and it's nice integrated into the landscape. It was just what I wanted! :P

Some few reference photos:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

So I started making the map, had some problems at the start due to the pretty complex engine, the shader system and what not, but after a while I got things together and I have managed to get some few things going now. I have pretty nice blending textures in my landscape, water is working like it should, lightmaps aswell and the mill itself has started to take shape.

Further things I want to fix is to keep shadows on the trees at all time (static) and I also want some dense and high grass spread around the map so the snipers can really get some action going. Everything is sort of possible in the diesel engine, it just takes a little time to figure out of it. Layout of the map will be centered around TvT with Yates Mill central in the map. Terrain will be around 300*300 meters. I hope I can manage to include team vs team, siege and HH gamemode on release, which between is unknow atm. :shifty:

The enviroment, textures and vegetation is topic to change, but enjoy the first screenshot of Squirrels Creek!


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Good work Biro. It's nice to see new graphics being introduced. I'll keep trying to help out with the setups and will gladly take a look at your XML files and check out that things are as they should be and give comments, suggestions and tips back to the community for future projects.

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That's nice of you Wolfsong! Haven't got that much custom content in yet, but I want to keep it pretty simple on this map and avoid things like dynamic objects, vehicles and stuff like that. Btw, I've got the first custom trees working now with static shadows and in my opinion it's just sooo much better on this kind of a map. It's actually possible to hide in the shadows again, bringing back the good ol GR feeling.

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I will include deathmatch, team deathmatch, siege and hamburger hill for release but I'm not gonna script any mission for it. I just don't have the time do dive that deep into the coding, and I'm more interested in making a couple of nice maps for this game then missions.

Also I belive there will be few good custom maps for GRAW2 as there's only a limited number of people who have 3d Studio Max to build landscapes and props so the need for maps will prolly be bigger then the need for missions.

Anyway, if a serious scripter is interested in making a mission on this map for release I will gladly help out, by putting in some mission specific objects to suit the map for the mission.

Also, Deleyt, have a complete remake done of the old desert siege map m08_tank, it just need to be textured and imported to the engine, then we will probably release these two maps together in a mappack. Deleyt will prolly give more info around this map when he get it into the engine...I have a slight feeling he's kind of eager right now...

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Also I belive there will be few good custom maps for GRAW2 as there's only a limited number of people who have 3d Studio Max to build landscapes and props so the need for maps will prolly be bigger then the need for missions.

You spot on there, i wish you both luck. Maybe i can help out with a little mission if i can get the chance.



Guess this post answers that then! :P

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