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Initial how to install a dedicated server


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I've just installed GRAW2 on our dedicated box

Unfortunately, there are no example configs supplied or any useful info in the manual about what everything does.

Here's how to install a dedicated server.

Option 1:

  • Install game on local machine.
  • Install v1.01 patch on local machine.
  • ZIP/RAR GRAW2 install folder & copy to your dedicated server box.
  • Install ageia drivers on server. (graw2_dedicated errored with a crash log because they werent installed)
  • Install registry fix from local machine so that GRAW2 patches know where your GRAW2 is installed on server.

Option 2:

  • Upload contents of DVD to server & run the installer.
  • Install ageia drivers on server. (graw2_dedicated errored with a crash log because they werent installed)
  • Install v1.01 patch on server.

Creating a config template:

  • Load graw2 on local PC, goto create server screen, select dedicated - then add maps, change settings to suit for each gametype. (There is no 'save settings' button as the manual suggests. The file will however be created once you start changing settings.)
  • Goto graw2 install folder, find 'settings' folder, find the 'dedicated_game_info.xml' - file.
  • Edit the file as required.
  • Upload to the server in the 'settings' folder.

  • Run 'graw2_dedicated.exe' to start the server.

Setting the Admin Password - 2nd line of the XML file should be:

<game_info admin_password="adminpw" internet_server="true" internet_speed="1800">


If everything went well - you should have a server online. It took me about 30 minutes of head scratching & messing about on the client side to figure out what to do.

Now, here's the poo part.....

1. There is no 'logs' folder & XML files arent created for each round played - why not? (Did I miss something?)

This was a great feature in GRAW1 & it really needs to be in GRAW2... (TGPSP FTW!)

2. There doesnt seem to be anyway to load other configs from within the console, or to save configs as with GRAW1 - I cant see any cmds to change the gametype either.

Hopefully the nice fellas at GRIN will give us a proper server cmd & setup guide soon. :D

One nice feature is the ability to take a remote screenshot of any of the players in-game & have it saved on the server, however, this is a bit broken & useless as the file is saved in the format - screenshot_xx.xx.xx.xx_00.jpg - where xx.xx = the players IP address.

Unfortunately, you have no idea which screenshot belongs to which player as you cant see the IP's of connected players anyway.

- Suggestions #1

Add the player name along with the IP address to the filename.


Create a screenshot.log file which logs all screenshots taken - date/time - player IP - player gamename - cd key hash, etc & then serialise the screenshot files.

We could then keep better track of which screenshot belongs to which player.

- Suggestion #2

List the player IP's when you type 'list' to get the player ID.

- Suggestion #3

Add logging of round stats back into the game. (unless I missed something & they are present)

Tired now & off to bed for a cry... :rollseyes:

Edit #1: Updated steps above, spelling/grammar, etc.

Edit #2: Added info on Admin password setting.

Edit #3: Tidy up & reformat of install info.

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