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Inferno' date='Sep 4 2007, 07:15 PM' post='493485']

In my opinion I think GRAW 2 is dead in the water. The GRAW 2 community hasnt got much bigger since the release and I don't think that GRIN is going to be supporting the game much longer. Basically look at it this way. UBI paid GRIN to develop GRAW 2 and basically they are not funding GRIN anymore. GRIN in return says why continue making patches/updates to the game when we are not getting paid for it?

Head over to the MOD section. Wolfie is helping A LOT of the modders. So they are helping and supporting the game. For crying out loud,there are already three patches which means that they are looking for bugs and problems. A map pack would be awesome and there are some servers that have more maps for you to play. Ever wanted to play at dusk? Or maybe to play a TDM in the DAM? Or how about Hacienda? I'd suggest all of you to visit this site, to download the map packs and then to play at Vermin's server... or join BSR Custom Map Server

PS: And no,i don't belong to this clan or in any other clan. You want maps? You got maps and a server in which you can play. So go for it

PS2: It would be awesome if GRIN could also use these maps to the Official servers. We need a MAP pack for all those dedicated Official servers

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Replying to I am DISAPPOINTED...

I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.
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I mean I check an area with the satellite view, check it with binoculars, and then check it through the scope of my sniper rifle,

And where did you come up with the binos, if you would be so kind?
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Im also disaoppointed. GRAW2 is an expansion pack to a very poor game called GRAW1. I didnt made same mistake and didnt bought GRAW2 just after initial hype. To be honest i dont se much diference between games like GRAW and MOH:A , exept moha has better graphics and more realistic story. After GRAW 2 demo i thought we have [GR] back but I was very wrong. GRAW2 has so many irritating thigs that i cant even name them all, lets give a few which comes to my mind :

- friendly AI is one of the worst i saw in any FPS, so called ghosts are retarded, can't find cover, cant shot back and gets block on simple obstacles when give route more complicated than going down the street.

- Missions are extremly linear and scripted, ememies spawn like in Duke Nukem, sometimes in most imposible ( s already checed) places.

- Game is regular kill_whole_army_by_yourself shoter which pretends to be a realistic tac shoter. It was patchetic when i checked final stats and noticed that i have ~68 kills and my entire team has 3 kills ! And I was happy that i managed to lead them in one peace through the mission.

- Story is infantile , hollywood_like and illogical. I was blow away by _WARNING SPOILERS_ ! chose of a drop spot in last mission, middle of the bridge just between two enemy strongpoints, and BH just got away without even providing short minigun support. It was so stupid that i just start to laugh :)

- weapon handling is CS like, you can walk with M99 scoped in and shot with perfect accurancy.

- i just loved when i tried to flank enemy and received "you are leaving a mission area ! get back imidietly " , but ive already said about extremly linear missions.

- draw distance ... do i have to say more....... i will :) i had hillarious situation during night mission. I didnt managed to perform mission silently and just after alarm i got to good shoting position and waited to ambush enemy reinforcements convoy. I zoomed AT rocked launcher and saw a truck head lights in a distance, they got closer and closer and finally i noticed that there are headlights comming from nowhere moving along the street and than suddenly truck appered ( got into draw distance) .... do i have to comment that situation ? :rolleyes:

That would be all for tonight :) the list is very long. To sum it up , i realy dont like GRAW2, didnt bough it and i wount buy and new GR game by Ubisoft. Now i wait for CoD4, maybe it is arcade but it proly gona be fun to play... GRAW is also arcade shoter after all.

As Monolith mentioned , the future is in BFS. I hope they wount let us ( [GR], R6 fans) down.

Dziekuje bardzo!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who sees this. Joseph_Q and I seem to have taken notice of a lot of the same things.

Kinda tough NOT to notice, though- all these complaints are still very fresh in my mind from less than a year ago, when we uttered most of teh same ones in GRAW.

"It's all the same- only the names change..." -some (rich) idiot from New Jersey...

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I'm disappointed that GRAW 2 isn't in the $10 bargain bin yet so I can check out for myself why everybody's so disappointed. :( Of course I bought GRAW for a bargain price and was extremely bummed out by it and I played the GRAW 2 demo didn't think much about it either. :( So should I keep holding out until a freebe copy of GRAW 2 comes my way? :santa:

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Thank You very much for Dziekuje bardzo Rabbi ;)

And i forgot to mention few things in my previos post :

- I think that "anti_any_vehicle" rocket keeps its speed below highway limit, i loved watching how it cant catch enemy heli flying on it's tail in circles. Great manoeuvreability on the other hand ;)

- GRAW 2 has same "######y_distant_textures" problem which makes sniping a horrible experience. But this is DIESEL fault, same as draw distance. DIESEL might be nice engine for corridor shoter but its not good for open areas tac shoter, no doubt about that.

- so caled "moving_ammo_depot_and_solid_cover" , the MULE ! If im correct its available in 2 missins and in one of them it blocked on wrecked car at the very begining and stayed there :)

- lots of funy visiual bugs, some textures disappeared on certain distances, i have even some fraps movies if anyone is interested :)

- Its a second urban tac shoter wihout openable doors :) -WARNING SPOILER- !! Thanks to that in last mission rebels wasnt able to shut nuclear bunker doors and keept michel outside :thumbsup:

- I have a feeling that enemy awarenes of your presence was trigered, i some missions i was moving slowly toward enemy which was looking in other direction and always on the same spot enemy quickly turned toward me and start shoting.... and when i say shoting i mean SHOTING, those bloody mexican rebels can hit an squirrel with few first bullets of 50 cal MG burst.

- smoke nade acts like leaf on wind, there is absolutely no way to place it in desired location. But this is unfixed problem from GRAW 1.

- GRIN decided to keep "car_defragmentation_with_9mm_pistol" feature in GRAW 2 , duno why ? It was pointed by so many ppl after GRAW 1 release as unrealistic and funny stuf.

Ok, enough for tonight...

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I wonder when will the mother of all patches will come and sort out all this pesky bugs!!

There is still no patch to fix the AI teammate stuck on the building corner everytime you load back the save game and at the end of the game the "stuck" teammate somehow manage to get unstuck and climb into the blackhawk.

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