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360 vs PC version

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Well I would have to say the Xbox 360 version looks good to. I just don't have an Xbox 360 yet. I have the original Xbox and I have Ghost Recon 2 and Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike for it. They both kick ass and I imagine they play much like the Xbox 360 GRAW and GRAW2. I think I would enjoy GRAW and GRAW2 on the Xbox 360 as much as I do Ghost Recon 2 and Summit Strike on the original Xbox. However, I am 99% a pc gamer so I would have to say I like the pc GRAW and GRAW2 better than the console equals. Just my two cents.

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The game is built by two different Dev Teams with different hardware (obviously) and stuff... so dont expect much to be the same.

Having watched some footage on youtube for the 360 version, it looks arcady and it well... not "tactical".

Make sure you have a fair beast of a PC for this game tho, as even tho the 360 isnt that highly spec'd, the PC Version can truely look stunning.

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I've played both. The 360 version is not BAD. It looks very pretty, it operates pretty much as advertised, but it is faster paced and geared towards assault rather than sneakiness. Sometimes that's cool. BTW, 360 owners, Summit Strike is backwards compatible with the 360 and plays well. Set to the highest difficulty settings, the SP campaign WILL kick your tail - it can be frustrating as hell, but worth playing if you haven't.

In contrast, the PC version is slower paced (depending on the map, there are several with just plain waves of enemies, after all - stealth that!) and requires much more on the part of the SP commander in utilizing tactics and available cover for bounding, fire lanes, etc. Or you can set them on Follow like many do... 0:)

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