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Serellan is moving on


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Serellan has announced that he is leaving RSE and UBi. He will now be working for Bungie. I hope you will all join me in wishing him the best of luck and thanking him for some outstanding Ghost Recon games and his appreciated interaction with the Ghost Recon community on this site and many others. Thanks Serellan and good luck with the new job.

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Here's the full statement.

Hello all,

Well, it's been a great ride, but everything comes to

an end, and for me, that time has come. I have had a

blast working on the Ghost Recon franchise for the

better part of the past five years, in roles from

Assistant Designer on GR:IT Xbox on up to Creative

Director on GRAW2 360. It's been great both designing

the games and interacting with the community. GR has

a great bunch of fans, ones that won't hesitate to

give their opinions (often, and loudly!).

Working at RSE and Ubisoft has been one of the most

exciting experiences of my life, and I've learned a

ton (often from mistakes ), but for various

reasons, I've decided to move on to something

different. I'll be picking up stakes and moving out

to the Pacific Northwest, where I've accepted a Design

Lead position at Bungie. I'm an Alaskan boy, so the

pine trees of Washington are a bit more appealing to

me than the oaks in North Carolina (and 70 degree heat

index beats 105 in my book ).

I'm still a GR and R6 fan (as I always have been), so

don't be surprised if you see me lurking around on

Live (I still gotta get that Ultimate Defender

achievement!). Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Jeff

"Geridak" Mcgann and Chris "Braybot" Bray, Designers

at Red Storm; they will be scouring the forums now for

your feedback instead of me.


Christian "Serellan" Allen

What a loss to the GR community, the very best of wishes for the future to you Serellan. You can be sure this is one corner of the web where your future games will be getting checked out with great interest!

Thanks, and good luck.

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Congrat, Serrellan! It must be cool going to some more fantasy/scifi oriented projects after all those years on traditional military games. Doubt you're doing much on halo, with how close to the end of the development cycle 3 is, but Bungie has some cool old IPs, and I'm sure if they're launching something new it'll be an exciting place to work. :)

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Well, I won't get too mushy here, especially after posting our little tribute over at GR Retreat:


It doesn't seem that long ago when Ser generously let me help out on his Forbidden City mod for Urban Ops, and when we announced he was hired by RSE ... man how time flies.

Ser: I'm really happy for for you and your family. Seattle is a great place to live and I've heard Bungie is a great place to work too. Hope to still see your mug showing up in interviews online and in print talking up your future projects. :thumbsup:

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Ubisoft's loss! Keep up the great work and inspire the guys and gals at Bungie with great new ideas for First Person Tactical Shooters. I look forward to your next release.

(...Mental note: Call my stock broker and have him buy stock for me in Bungie.)

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Ubisoft's loss! Keep up the great work and inspire the guys and gals at Bungie with great new ideas for First Person Tactical Shooters.

Why do you think he's gonna make a tac shooter? He might, I guess, there's no way for us to know, but I'd assume Serellan, with all these years in game development, probably has a pretty varied skillset.

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