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A new Total War game?

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Hi guys,

I am excited to announce that The Creative Assembly will be at Leipzig on August 23rd with some HUGE news - and it won't be about revisiting Rome...

Take care,

Mark O'Connell

Huge news :bounce:

I bet it's Shogun II Total War or Napoleon Total War.

Hopefully Napoleon...


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They should do a "British Empire Total War"... that'd be great! Players could learn first-hand why it was such a bad idea to try and fight in India, America and south-west Europe all at the same time... Lol

I wonder if you could avoid a certain infamous "tea party" by giving a tax break to the citizens of your fair city of Boston...? Or would it be programmed into the game that the US would rebel against British rule and it was only a question of time...?

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It's probably completely new too and not just an evolution like Medieval II. You see, CA work in two teams. One who creates a new engine and one who build upon that engine.

Shogun - revolution

Medieval - evolution of Shogun

Rome - revolution

Medieval II - evolution of Rome

New title - probably revolution

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Empire - Total War

SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced Empire: Total War™, the revolutionary new instalment of The Creative Assembly’s wildly successful, multi award winning Total War™ RTS franchise. Empire: Total War™ will maintain the series genre leading 3D battles, grand turn based campaign map and rich historical flavour while for the first time introducing 3D naval combat into the series.

Empire: Total War™ is set in the 18th century a turbulent era that is the most requested by Total War’s™ loyal fan base and a period alive with global conflict, revolutionary fervour and technological advances. With themes such as the Industrial Revolution, America’s struggle for independence, the race to control Eastern trade routes and the globalisation of war on land and sea, Empire: Total War™ promises to be amongst the richest and most dynamic PC RTS games of all time.

Empire: Total Warâ„¢ will see the debut of 3D naval combat within the Total Warâ„¢ franchise. PC Gamers will be able to intuitively command vast fleets or single ships upon seascapes rich with extraordinary water and weather effects that play a huge role in your eventual glorious success or ignominious defeat. After pummelling your enemy with cannon fire, close in to grapple their ship and prepare to board taking control your men as they fight hand to hand on the decks.

Along with the revolutionary introduction of Naval Combat, Empire: Total War™ will see further enhancements to the Total War™ series signature 3D battles and turn based campaign map. Real time battles will pose new challenges with the addition of cannon and musket, challenging players to master new formations and tactics as a result of the increasing role of gunpowder within warfare. And the Campaign Map – for many the heart of Total War™ – will see new improved systems for Trade, Diplomacy and Espionage with agents, a refined and streamlined UI, improved Advisors and extended scope taking in the riches of India, the turbulence of Europe and the untapped potential of North America.

“Empire: Total Warâ„¢ is a huge revolutionary step for the series. We’re delighted to introduce true 3D naval combat, something that adds a totally new dimension to Total Warâ„¢ games.†commented Mike Simpson, Studio Director at The Creative Assembly and the father of the Total Warâ„¢ franchise. “We’re genuinely excited about what we’re achieving with the naval battles and also by the scale of the improvements being made to the core of the game – the land battles and the campaign. This will undoubtedly be the biggest and best Total Warâ„¢ game we’ve ever made.â€

Empire: Total War™ has already been secretly in development at The Creative Assembly’s Horsham studio for over a year and is priming its forces for a release in 2008.

Stay tuned to TotalWar.com for all the latest Empire: Total Warâ„¢ news and screenshots!



Can an Admin or Staff member change the name of the topic, please?

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