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Team AOD is recruiting for GRAW2 18+ Older

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Team Angels of Death (AOD) has been around for a while and is no newcomer to the Ghost Recon Series. We played the [Ghost Recon] series for a long time and climbed the ranks in the ladders. We are now playing GRAW 2 and are always looking for a few (18 and older) members that are ready to play and grow with us. We are a fun clan to be a part of and some of us have known each other for 6-8 years or longer!

Our team consists of players from all over the world and right now we have about 8-10 GRAW 2 players. If you join our team you will likely be contributing immediately, we don't have A teams or B teams, we just have ONE team that are a great group of friends and that work together.

We are a pretty understanding team as well, we have players that only show up once or twice a week, and that's ok. Most of us all have families and/or other types of committments such as work that keep us busy.

Again, I'd love to grow our team a little more. Come visit us at www.teamaod.net and sign up. If you see me, AOD*Tritonb or any of our other AOD* members please feel free to say, "Hello!"

We have a open to the public Teamspeak 2 server (IP is and also our own Dedicated GRAW 2 server running, the GRAW2 server name is, 'AOD Public Server 0 Spawns'. Stop by on TeamSpeak2 or our server anytime and get to know us!

We are currently competing in the GRAW2 NA Power Ladder.

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