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Gun Sounds Watered Down?

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:hmm: Greetings to all GRAW2 enthusiasts! Back when I played GRAW, I then had an SB Audigy2 ZS sound card. At that time, the firing, loading, and reloading sounds seemed very "weak." They didn't have those positive solid sounds which are so prominent in other FPS games. For GRAW2, I find the exact same problem once again, concerning sound quality. This time, I'm using a Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio sound card with the same results. Is this the way GRAW2 sounds are intended to be?! Do other GRAW or GRAW2 gamers experience the same type of problem? I certainly hope there is a solution to this, as it seems to "take away," in the quality of the this great game. All other sounds, to me, seem to be alright. So what gives? :wacko:
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The audio in GRAW and GRAW 2 is good, but not perfect. There are only 2 weapons that I think have a nice sound to them, the M99 and the Rx4. The others just sound kind of blah, a little weak. It's not bad though, at least not as bad as being able to hear someone walking above you thru the floors on maps like mission 10 in SP or Fort.

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