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How to see my fps?


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hello all

i need your help i have searched for 2 hours in much forums and sites.

my problem is that i cant find the command to see my fps in graw2 multiplayer demo

will i have the same amount of fps in graw2 fullversion as in the demo version?

plz help me

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would i have much fps with my pc?

graphikcard geforce 8600 gt colorful 512mb ddr2

amd dualcore x2 3800 2,0 ghz

1024 mb ram

asus m2npv-mx


I expect that there's alot of people in these forums that knows more about this than my selves..

Anyway, I would expect that you would not have any huge problems, what I see as a bottleneck for your PC is your 1024MB Ram which might be to low... It's hard to say tough if you would get decent FPS or not, I suggest that you try any of the demos and see for your selves as the demos and the final product doesent differ to much in optimazions you would get a good idea.

@ Spikie: If you have an ATI graphics card you could use the excelent tool called ATI Tray Tools (Driver optimazions and much more) which do display your FPS

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