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My plans have been for building my new rig have had a set back for a month or so. My wife gave birth to our first child last week! A 9lb, 9oz boy!

Anyway ... when I do build the rig I want to use imaging software for backups. I want to capture an image right after OS install and all of the updates from Windows Update.

At work we use Ghost 7.0 and it works just fine. Does anyone have any pros & cons for Ghost vs. Drive Image?

As always, thanks for you input.

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I hate norton ghost, I don't know of a good alternative (if there is one please speak up peeps) but here is my story of Norton Ghost copied from another thread:

Last night I was chuggin along merily on my computer then stumbled across making disc images and since it was something I had wanted to get more into I read it. After reading I remembered that with my Iomega HDD I recieved a Norton Ghost full version so knowing that I format once a month or so I went ahead and installed it. I told it what partition I wanted an image made of and it told me to restart the system so it could do it. So off she went. When restarting the prgrm kept getting an error and couldn't make the image. So I figured oh well it was free anyways and plucked out the cd. I restarted and when the computer was loading I kept getting a "Missing Operating System" msg.

OH NO I said I dont want to format no  . So I grabbed an XP disc and went into Recovery Console. I attempted to fixmbr with no luck and it made things worse. I then remembered that I dual booted (yeah sometimes you forget important stuffs)! Assuming gay old Norton had trashed my boot.ini NTLDR and NTDETECT.com files I just reinstalled 2k3 Server and it repaired all the files. Now both are working Great! While installing I saw that Ghost tried to make new partitions on its own that were larger than my HDD. Oh well my computer works fine again and I have a Norton Ghost cd in about 100 little shards.



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