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aussies campaign coop

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i really want to do the missions in coop from start to finish - you guys interested?

i am v impatient with sp just doesnt float my boat doing it on my own.

and my connection is good again - turms out a) my router was faulty, 2) i had used my bandwidth for last month and was being shaped to 56 k...######.

anyways played some coop today and conn was good.

so lets do this - tonight mebbe.

once the editor shows up ill b busy again.

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I dont know how much time I will have tonight. If I am around I may be able to do some campaign coop.

If you do not yet use X-Fire, i strongly suggest that you do. Graw 2 is the singple best way to find the guys you know when they are online and get them involved. of course, the advantage is that you can see them, even when they are in some game. and you can evev get a chat message to them,like,"Quit playing neverwinter nights you lipstick wearing goblin and come play some GRAW2 with me".


I'm a committed coop player (or at least I should be committed ...LOL)

Contact me on xfire. my name on xfire is simply "sleepdoc"

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