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removing the yellow sepia effect ?

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Not without adding an additional mod, or making your own edits. Some ideas may be found in these.



I think I screwed up. I did not know what the "sepia" effect was but now I understand.

What I was TRYING to say was removing the orange/yellow color from the hud? I understand that it is supposed to be like a sunglass effect.

I am playing with the latest patches and installed "clear HUD MOD" 1.3 but there was no change in the color.

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Check your PM.

Hey No Quarter! It works!!! Wow! Now I see what they were doing with the glass hud and what the world was SUPPOSED to look like! The first time I played GRAW I thought... "Wow, the pollution in Mexico is REALLY modelled in this game!"

what a fool.....

With my cyber snipa PC gamepad and a soon to be added voice command system (have to make the profile myself soon) I am off to the shooting grounds!

Thanks so much for checking the ol' GRAW forums man. Couldn't have done it without you.


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