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Next GR:AW 2 Patch - Monday

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Its now Monday afternoon... 3pm :)

Wish someone would state what time zone its being released "on monday" for... that would help.

It's Monday morning right now. 7:35PM in CET. And I have no idea when it will be released.

oh my god wolfsong..I might not make it till then..the tacos I ate are killing me..very...gassy... :x I need the ghosts :wacko:

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This is weird! My SCAR-L has been replaced by a shark with laser beam eyes! :pirate:


on a more serious note LOL

AttackforceZ[TDM] has been patched to 1.03 if you all want to try it. I only installed it and brought it up as public, as i'm at work and can't test it :(

Also note when reporting bugs, please now specify that it's after the 1.03 patch so we know.

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