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GRAW1 PC - How to disable music & REMOVE all music files ?

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Is it possible to disable music in the game with a command line or Tweek

& REMOVE all music files so they dont take up HDD space ?

At the moment turning the volume to zero and deleting the music

allows the game to work in ORG coop mode

aswell as copying the menu_music_wave.bank into the act directory's

and naming menu_music_wave.bank in those music_act01_wave.bank etc

It seems "coop" mode will CRASH once you come across some enemy AI ,

it plays the game fine up until that point. So Im guessing even thou you

turned the volume to zero , once you find a bad buy ai

the game wants to play MUSIC (explains why it lags)


Here is the error :-

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

Not enough WAV header data.

One thing I noticed I managed to kill an enemy CPI AI with his back turned to me

with out the game crashing , it was only until an enemy CPU AI saw me it crashed

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