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HAWS Rifle is back and in a full package!


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Yeah I checked it out. Think I'm just gonna go ahead and stick to Brettzies' and Snowfella's weapon mods.

this coming from a Weapon Requester NOT a Weapon Modder.

Umm, okay. Yeah, people who don't make models can't possibly have an opinion that matters! :rolleyes: Elitist much?

So, are there any screen shots of this thing or a general description of it? I don't have GRAW1 installed at the moment, so I can't make any kind of determination about what we're talking about. 12.7Scar sounded pretty fired up about it, whatever it is. :D

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Kinda outta the blue i know, but the HAWS for GR:AW 1 was 50 cal, based on the Scar H model (cause i cant model in the psycho format they use) its turned into the RX4 desing but i seriously want some ideas for a new model.

and no it does not exist! I make NEW weapons, not remade current ones, just for clarity.

The HAWS (Heavy Assault Weapon System) currently has four rifles:

The HAWS rifle MK3 (50 Cal, 100 round clip (im trying to figure a way to justify it down worry)

The Eagle Advanced Sniper Weapon System (50 cal Long roung, 60 round clip)

The HAS pistol (50 cal. what aint 50 cal in the HAWS pack)

the Needler Heavy Assault Sub Machine Gun (5 x 19mm Needle, gas\ electromagnet propulsion)

Any ideas for new weapons to add to the pack? Contributors will be credited.

Sketches, anything?

Again, contributors will be credited

And until the US Military says otherwise,unless they say it is in development (or something like it is) then it doesnt exist. Till then it a fictional weapon for a good (but possibly fictional {or maybe it might happen?}) game.

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I didnt mean to hurt any feelings , I sense a small flicker of fear.

Got no fear, but i just want suggestions!

I live for opinions of my art.

Im trying to make it its own look, but for now, till i get more talent :P i got nothing cept a bunch of cheesy XML mods.

Again, i would like some design suggestions!

Unless this SCAR modification is using .50 BMG rounds, there's a similar concept out there for use with the AR platforms, The Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf, and in a similar line, I think Bushmaster is making a .45, so a .50 caliber weapon isn't too far out of the realm of possibility. :D

It originally started as a SCAR-H modfication using 50 BMG, then kinda evolved into its own style.

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Yeah very frightened. I get so fearful when I'm insulted for not being a weapon modder. I just broke down and cried like a ten year old girl. Really couldn't handle it. Anyways, I found an article of a 12.7 M16 if that's what you're looking for. Closest I could come to what you're talking about. Here it is:


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If anyone wants to give some advice on the HAWS other than "give up, you suck" i will gladly give them credits on the mod!

Don't think anyone's said that so far...

M and I have put up a couple real world weapons you can draw inspiration from- but perhaps that's not the concept you're looking for. I wouldn't get too kinky with trying to make the weapons .50 BMG or some uber-gun, but that's just me. :D Good luck with the project, mate. :thumbsup:

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