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MK14 ebr model ONLY


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Anyone who wants my mk14 ebr model can have it, the files are hosted at the link at the bottom of this post. it has no textures or anything so if you wanna finish it and put it in game feel free, just give me credit where credit is due please.

there are 2 files, one fully complete model and one lower poly model that has had all unseen faces removed. the lower poly model is just under 3000 which should be reasonable for the game i think.

this thing would definatly be cool in GRAW2

Pics of the model:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Im not sure if this is possible but one thing i think would be cool for this mod is to be able to have 2 different kinds of ammo, Sub-sonic and regular. the option to choose between the 2 would be sweet. i think the option of super quiet subsonic ammo in this game would be great especially for the hacienda mission. the sniper rifles in graw 2 are just too loud for my taste.

each kind of ammo would have pros and cons

Regular Pro: stopping power

Regular Con: loud

Subsonic Pro: dead quite

Subsonic Con: less stopping power requires head shot for one hit kill and the use of subsonic ammo doesn't provide the neccessary gases to complete cycling automatically so manual cycling is needed between each shot, thus subsonic ammo is slower

as you can see i think the 2 kinds of ammo balance each other out and i personally think it would add a new level to the game, but again i only provide the model, what you do with it is entirely up to you.

anyway as for the actual model it looks pretty good imo, it may need tweaking here or there but generally i think its ok. by the way it was done in 3DSMAX



the files are hosted on file factory i hope thats ok if its not let me know of a better place to host them and i will


PS: did i just blow your mind ? lol

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the model was created with 3dsmax 9

the lower poly version looks exactly the same on the left but the right side is almost completly gone because you will never see it in game so its a waste to have it there. the lower poly version is just under 3000 polys

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Wow, great idea. The m14 EBR is a great marksman's rifle. Not really at all a replacement for a automatic rifle, so it wouldn't be something to kit out your entire squad with, just you sniper/marksman. Would be a nice addition to the special purpose rifle.

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