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Hendrix @ Woodstock - Live


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1 hour stream

Hendrix @ Woodstock Live ... nothing new (obviously) but man, waaay ahead of its time and the drummer in this is simply liquid gold :rocky: No harm in posting this I hope, hardly a discovery :D .. but its such a reminder of just how ahead they all were.

Crank the volume and slide up the bass on your setup and get a full blast, I need to get this on MP3 to be honest.

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What I like is hes on right at the very end and says "you can leave if you want to now" while still playing ... theres only a small crowed left and some do wander off (how silly they must feel looking back now).

I love the way he drops into Purple Haze in this set.

Im still amazed at the in animate crowed though :huh: ... maybe they were blown away by it - " :blink: ", or completely knackered, or smoked way too much up to this point to have the energy :whistle:

If you look very close you will see one ginger haired chap ... he has an amazing large hairstyle LOL. And the bongo player for all his efforts really needed to be mike'd up correctly.

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