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GRAW 2 kits vs GRAW 1 custom kit

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What do the people (TvT players) in here prefer?

- kit selection like we know it from in GR:AW 2 & GR1

- the customizable kits from in GR:AW 1

VOTE or die hehe :P

PS: Maybe a forum admin can turn this thread into a poll -it'll be easier to view the 'poll-results'.

I vote: GRAW 1 customizable kits

PS: I don't need an explanation why you prefer your selection. Try to keep the response as short as possible, thank you in advance.

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Keep the current.

In GRAW1 you either did run and gun with full auto hip shooting or you sniped. (and there was the GLers till all the server admins got rid of them)

in GRAW2 It s a better mix. With my fav kit i have to shoot single for distance, burst for mid (sometimes single) and full auto with sights up at close range or my 2ndary. And you savor those nades, not using them unless you know you'll get the kill due to there limited supply

Smoke nades also have a use. They have made great distractions for me, I've blinded opponents with them (sound and sight both Muhahaha) and i've used them so i can move between uncovered areas.

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My only issue with the kits (since I've gotten used to them), is that the icon/images arn't clear as to what is in the kit.

And there is abug, where the kit image wont update if the gun is the same. Re: Kit 1 and 2 of assault still shows the silencer on Kit 2 if you go from 1->2. But if you go 1->2->3->2, the silencer will disapear.


I wouldn't be opposed to giong to the custom kit setup, but the current kit setup is fine with me.

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