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HELP - Vid card took a dump?!

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:wall: Came into my room last night to find my screen black , light was amber , pc was still on. I could not get the screen to come on so I had to hit the power button to shut down. Today I fired up the pc but the screen still didn't come on . Popped the side cover to find all fans going like a bat out of hell , but I could not get anything to respond. Popped in the card that came with the pc orignally and everything works fine. No problems with the "bad" card until last night. GeForce4 Ti 4600 has been in my pc almost 5 years. Any way to check it out , or am I doomed :wall:
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I agree. If you have tried the original card with success, the problem is found. Get a new card. I know that the X800 AGP cards will run [GR] and GRAW 1 with no problems. [GR] can be run at all settings high on and your fps will be around your monitor's refresh rate. GRAW 1 is a little touchy but looks great.

I have a spare 5200 that I use for back up on my AGP mobo based PC. (thats about all they are good for now a days any how. Back up.)

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Found this in the error log "The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: nvport " :blink: Does this mean what I think it means , that I have a driver problem and not a card problem?

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Tell me your opinions please. Haven't had to buy a card in a long time obviously :lol:

You need to tell us more info 1st in order for us to give you useful info:

- the specs of the rest of your system: cpu/ram/mobo chipset etc, as a higher end card may be useless if the rest of your system is the bottleneck

- what is your budget?

- whent do you plan to get a new rig? It may not be worth it to spend too much if your new rig is coming in a few months, but may be worth it to spend $150 for a decent mid-range card if you plan to upgrade in a year

- what games do you play? e.g. If you're still playing Starcraft, you won't need a fast card.

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Sony Vaio - about 6 years old

WindowsXP Home Edition

P4 1.8 ghz

512 ram

60g HD

Asus P4B-LX motherboard - AGP 2.0 slot @ 4X - Intel 845 chipset

Budget is not great at the moment , say under $100.00

The new rig is a long ways off for the forseeable future

GR is really the only game I play because of the specs above

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Thanks for the info Tommy. Here's a good place to start:


I actually bought a Radeon 1650 Pro AGP to replace my aging 9800 Pro, but returned it within a few days as the fan was irritatingly loud.

I have a GF 5700 and 6800GT AGP and they both are great, so the 7600 GS should serve you well. Just make sure you get it from a place where you can return it if you have probs.

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Thank CR6 :thumbsup: I appreciate your taking the time to check this problem out for me :D Only question I have now that I can't find an answer to is what my PSU is rated at? It doesn't say in the reference manual I DL'ed from the Sony website. I'm a little concerned that this old girl might not have enough juice to handle the new card.


I think I just found it . Factory PSU is rated at 268.9W. I'll dig around some more.

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Just a quick update . Based on my inability to replace my PSU and budgetary concerns , I pulled the trigger on a eVGA GeForce FX 5500 256 MB card. Not a great card by any means , but better than what I have now and hopefully better than the GeForce4 Ti 4600 I had which apparently died.

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