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M468 . barrett firearms


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Never mind once this gun comes out i'll start a match for you and me bret 1 on 1 and i'll let you shoot me with it so i can soak in 6.8 heaven

OOOO brett i was just sittin on the john and i was thinking about this. If your iron sights dont line up. I think you could go back in max, remove the skin modifier on loda, Take it to the side, go to editable poly and edit the vertices on the iron sight and raise them just a ###### hair... I think that would be a splended solution to your iron sight line up... JUSt a suggestion your guns are perfect the way they are but im saying if you ever wanna line up those irons just take that in mind. its kind of silly but all you would have to do is redo the animations which isnt that bad.

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