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[BIOS, AMD Cool & Quiet]

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I just added a WD 320GB EIDE HD, went to the BIOS to change my boot order, and I noticed that my AMD Cool & Quiet was DISABLE...so I ENABLED it.

Now I see this when I right click My Computer>Properties:


990Mhz---from my Zalman aircooled AMD 64 3800+ :D

Merry Christmas...


I obviously don't know what I'm doing. Maybe its time to give up trying to keep up with the bigboys

and get a Wii. 0:)

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I don't see any problem here mate. Cool'n'quiet is an AMD technology that reduces the frequency of the processor (specifically it divides it by 2) when the performances of the processor are not needed. As soon as you need more power the full frequency will be restored.

This is particularly important for laptops as in this way you can save battery and reduces temperatures, for desktop it is usually not a problem thus it 's almost always disabled.

There is also the possibility to undervolt the processor, I use a program called RMclock that let me reduces the temperature of the cores of even 10 degreed :o

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