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New Rainbow Six game in the works?


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New Rainbow Six game in the works?

Posted in Rumors, Games, Xbox 360 by Ross Hayward on August 4th, 2007 at 1:39

It seems that if Ubisoft were waiting until Leipzig to officially say anything, Play could have blown the lid on anything secret that the developer may have had up their sleeve, as a new listing for a Xbox 360 title lists none other than Rainbow Six: Vegas Bishop.

What the hell that is no-one currently knows, however it is worth pointing out that should this ever come to fruition, it is on the market for a lesser sum than full retail games. This immediately suggests that this is more of an add-on to the current Vegas game available now as opposed to a direct sequel to the game.

With Vegas in the title, one might simply assume that it continues the story where the original so disappointingly left gamers, with a “To be Continued†screen. The ultimate in lame, but is this where the new title may take us? Back to the desert where Vegas started?

That, or Play have got it wrong and the listing shouldn’t be there. Let’s hope it’s the former, since Vegas was a damn good game. If this is true, expect to see the game ship on the 26th October here in Europe.


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