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Barret M-99 New Model


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Hello everyone. Today I would like to anounce my next mod on the drawing board that I plan to add to Graw and Graw2, a remodeled and more detailed Barret M-99.


-- New more detailed model

-- New textures

-- Lowered and animated bipod

-- (Also, if possible, maybe a new scope. If anyone here has built a scope, I could really use a bit of help in that area.)

-- And lastly, this mod as with my scar mod will be able to integrate into either a default installation or with Brettzies weapon pack 1.1.

Work done so far:


As you can see I still have a ways to go yet but the changes are coming along nicely. I have also been able to export into Graw2 succefully with the changes done so far.

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I'm a little puzzled why you would start by making the same model that's already in the game. :blink:

Its the bipod. Always seems a little silly that it just sits there, folded up, and we don't even get the illusion that its useful.

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You know I actually had considered the M95 Faceman. Only thing that has stopped me at this point is I am not sure how the animations will be handled.

The M95 does have a clip, however it still operates like a bolt action rifle. So I am thinking when you fire it you will still be reloading the weapon and the animation will show you placing a new round into the weapon rather than the round simply popping up from the clip.

I am thinking of finishing my dads M107 and xm109, only thing is, I know he had trouble with hand positions with those. The character models wanted to place thier hand inside the magazines.

For now I am going to complete the M99 mod.

GRIN_Wolfsong, I know it seems a bit silly to redo an exsiting weapon as most folk prefer to see a new one but for me at least, I enjoy the challenge of using the weapon and a more detailed model would be great. The current model is a bit blah to me. I figure there might be a few other folk who will like the new model also. Though I do plan to release a new weapon later after I finish up the M99. I'm just not sure yet what weapon to do. ) P

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You know what folk. I took a close look at the xm-500 that Dragonthc mentioned and I think that will be my next project. In fact I intend to have a few pics of a model for it within a couple days. If anyone can find some good source material such as photos please pm me with links.

With the clip configuration on the xm-500 I bet I can get the hand placement to work out and probably use the mrc animation for reloading it. Possibly the perfect choice for a semiauto 50 cal. What do you think about that idea?

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