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[is there a Multiplayer Demo?]

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Hey All:

It's been a while. Good to see framilliar and obviosly loyal fans still here at GR.net.

After spending $70.00 ish dollars cdn on graw i was deeply dissapointed in it's gameplay and it ended up sitting on my shelf providing me with Zero Bang for my buck. And i left the franchise behind, quite discouraged.

I Heard GRAW 2 had been released recently (or will be) and i thought this was the place to get the info i was looking for.

I will not blindly spend my money on this game but am willing to give it a try. Is there or will there be some sort of Multiplayer Demo? and if someone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.



And yeah ... my typing needs work ... =)

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I as well was a huge Ghost Recon fan and was disappointed with GRAW as well. I was very skeptical on picking up GRAW2 because of the game play and performance issues I had in GRAW. Trust me when I say that it is definitely better than GRAW in both regards IMO.

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