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PhysX Card

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Hi guys. I am new to the GR game and have a lot to learn. I want to thank you for your discussions on the usefulness of the PhysX card. I also like all the high end toys for immersion into the game. But your frank & objective comments cured me on this one. From all your input, it seems the card is not delivering what the company claims.

But I did find one anomaly during my weekly maintenance check, (virus & spyware), that I want to share. The {"glut32.dll" in C:\program files\Ageia Technologies\bin\} tripped my spyware program. It refers to the dll as an "Employee Monitoring" program. Has anyone else run into this? Does any one know the true purpose of this dll? I checked all the back posts on PhysX, but couldn't find anything about this dll.

Did anyone who has the PhysX encounter any strange behavior while online?

The games does look and feel great. It even runs pretty well on my old rig. Now all I have to do is learn how to shoot. Thanks for your help. Chas....OleGreyGhost

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Im a bit of an AV/security freak :P

Which program detected it? And what was the malware name? "Employee Monitoring" sounds like a category rather than a detection.

More than anything, this occurance sounds like a false positive more than anything. I have not had any alert from this file, and trust me, in terms of AV/AS scanners, I go overkill :P

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Thanks for the quick response. I used the latest version of LavaSoft, that picked this up. You're probably right as to this being a false positive. But being paranoid like yourself, i deleted the file. The game runs fine without the file. Considering this and the fact I will not be getting the PhysX card, would it be safe to delete the rest of the Ageia drivers. I got the impression from Ubi that the Ageia drivers were needed to run the game even if you don't have the card. Thanks again. Chas....OleGreyGhost

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There were a few people who deleted the Ageia drivers under GR:AW1 and reported no difference in the game, while some others with higher end systems/graphics said some of the eye candy was missing.

What it will or won't do in GR:AW2 to the best of my recollection has not been reported on. If you do delete them the worst that could happen should be that you'll have to reinstall them.

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