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Tomb Raider Anniversary Comparison

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there are also a few more levels that are the same. but there like a couple of the original levels stitched togethe. The "Cistern" bing one and the "Pyramid" level

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Haven't picked it up yet, but hopefully soon. I'm surprised they didn't come out with a 360 version. (Rumors are it will be available as episodic downloaded content at Xbox Live Marketplace)

The 360 version of Legend was the best looking one out there (I didn't like the PC version with those shiny shaders turned on - Lara looked metallic!)

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How is this game?

It's as good looking as Legend (being the same engine, though it feels slightly more optimized), and is a faithful homage to the very first Tomb Raider title from the PS1. I admit, I didn't play the original game, but from comparison videos et al, it's very familiar to vets of the series, but with fresh changes to make it it's own game.

I haven't completed it yet, as some of the puzzles are fiendish, but I'm pretty close. I do strongly recommend using a gamepad, though, particularly one that's got dual analogue sticks on it.

I purchased it through Steam, and other than the rare collision glitch (which very few games don't have, really), it's quite solid. The puzzles make sense, and graphically, it's quite lovely. The HDR and distance blurring is almost cinematic, while not being distracting.

As my first TR title, Anniversary has not disappointed in any way. If you're a fan of the 3rd person puzzle platformer, it delivers.

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