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PhysX Card

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I was wondering how many people are running a PhysX card & what are their thoughts.

I have recently purchaced a PhysX card specifically for GRAW2 & I believe that is causes a hesitation when you get major explosions, this is something I do not remember prior to fitting it...........but I am not sure.

Obviously I have progressed further in single player and you can not run Agira Island map till it is fitted, the effects in that map are awesome but at a price. I seem to remember reading a review recently that says a noticeable drop in FPS when running a PhysX card. I have also updated the drivers for the card to the latest version.

As in a previous post I also agree the game is a system hog to the max although I am able to run with all settings on high.

I would appreciate anyone elses thoughts

MY specs cpu 6800 extreme duel core

2 gig Ram

8800 GTX video card

BFG PhysX card

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In a post that i created about 2 months ago regarding hte PhysX cards i got a mixed response.

My Thoughts:

If you leave the Graphics settings the same and add a Physx card all you are doing is ADDING more things for the GPU to display. So, therefor making more work and potentially decreasing the FPS.

I have found GRAW2 to not be much of a system hog on my machine, BF2142 uses more ram and cpu.

My System:

Intel P4 s775 3.4GHz

2GIG DDR400 Ram

BFG7800GS AGP O/C Edition

It runs about 60% Ram and about 65% CPU (hyper threading).

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To a certain extent they are I believe. You should see more debris fly around from an explosion, but you won't get the full effect of using the card. I thought that's how it worked, I just remember someone posting pictures of it in the MP demo.

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I have/had a BFG PhysX too.. did use it at first, but not anymore.

ostly because its fan is very loud, and the card itself really creates an incredible huge amount of heat.

I did notice tho, that sometimes when things exploded the debree kept hanging in the air, it never fell to the ground, but that hasn´t happened after i removed the PhysX.

I play online only (havent even tryed singleplayer, except ageia island too se what it looked like) and believe I also remember reading somewhere that the extreme PhysX was disabled in MP games?

My specs:

C2D E6600

4 GB ram

2x X1950Pro in crossfire setup

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Great replys guys appreciate your thoughts, with a little more playing around I have found that setting the PhysX card to normal still gives good ;-) effects reduces the processor load and removes most of the stutter encountered.

The PhysX card does work in MP as well, this is easy to tell as there is often floating debris after explosions.

I also work by the principal he who dies with the most toys wins so it was a must at least try it.

Don't know about the wonders it promised but mine is not noisy & my box is well ventilated so heat is not a issue.

for those that still have it installed try setting it to normal & see if you get better results on my system I did.

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This is not for the bonus mission AgeiA island.

THe PhysiX in the 8800 is not to the level of the Ageia card, I have both and with Ageia I find the whole atmosphere changes. exactly what is added is subtle to say the least.

leaf debris

debris grass

Ageia Leafs

leaves jungle bush

wood Debris








Are just a few of the subtle visuals. if you want polish then get one, but the effects don't wear big tags saying I'm an Ageia effect ;)

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I agree completely Viiiper the 88OO makes it very pretty but the PhysX card puts the polish on it.

LMAO although it is mostly minor but IF & WHEN the can get hopefully this game to do all they promise it wold be eye candy to behold.......but I am not holding my breath.

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