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looking for old skool people

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wasnt really sure where to put this, i have been looking for some old friends... back in GR1 days in IGS

any ex XDC ITF players, or anyone from IGS here?

sry if i posted in wrong area, been lookin for a while now...

thxs anyways...

Hey yeah I used to play IGS all the time I think I remember you. I used to play with Bizie, Q, Luckeelips and a few other guys.

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IGS......now those were the good old days. I have Bizzie on my MSN and talk to him every now and then. How you been Nookie. I havn't seen you in a long time. You still playing AA? Are you guys playing GRAW2 at all? If not you should give the game a try. Its a pretty good game and have good game play. You guys can get in touch with me on Xfire, my login name is "sdaa". Look forward to hearing from you and playing some GRAW 2 with you.

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