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End of the SP campaigne blues

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they should take their sweet time, not spit out a sequel by next year, use a new game engine or heavily rework graw2 engine as well as alter the way the game is played.. but i still love graw2 lol..so i will be playing it till graw3 comes out :P

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Yeah, I'm on the last mission now.

I could easily see more replay out of the current SP maps if one would mod add 2x the amount of enemy AI roaming spawns.

The SP game was so easy cause the enemy hardly ever move around.

I wanted to see enemies come in from behind me and all sides as I progressed through the broken ruined towns but that never happened. :(

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I hope they release a SP mission pack!

Though to speed the process along this time they should lose the ridiculous cut scenes and video feeds.

Maybe include those real-time day/night cycles and the constantly changing weather system that we heard so much about.

And buy a couple of gallons of paint.

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