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GRAW2 Scrim Xfire group!

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TeamHot has created a Xfire group specifically for helping teams get in touch with each other for various things such as scrims or matches. We would like at least 2 members from each clan to go to the following website and sign up. This will ease the need to gather dozens of different clan's xfires tremendously.


For those of you that do not have Xfire or have not heard of it. Xfire is the Premier Free chat utility Made exclusively By Gamers for Gamers. You can see what games your friends are playing and even join the servers they are in. Another feature, which is currently disabled for GRAW2, is that you can chat to your friends while they are playing games via In-Game Chat. As well as Transfer files to each other, simple voice chat, and automatic downloads like patches and demos. Visit today and sign up!

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I am on xfire - userid = bwana. My clan however (Phoenix soldiers) does not really enjoy GRAW2 yet. I am getting into it because it has sufficient freedom for squad based missions. The larger sims (ArmA) require correspondingly massive enrollments to make realistic. I prefer the one death servers.

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