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Retail copy wont install UBI said too bad.

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First of all nice to see alot of the old schoolers still around here and active. i took a break for a while and tried to come back.

Well I went to get Graw 2 at the local Walmart today (thank god I went there).

Came home and tried to install it on my home computer not the work one where I game most of the time. It kept giving me this data read error. So I called UBI and they said Oh just update your firmware and you will be good to go. They also suggested trying to copy the dvd to the hard drive. Firmware went good copying to hard drive didnt work because of their piracy software they got.

Ok tried to reinstall and no go agian. Same error.

Called UBI and they said this time "oh yeah we know that the game wont work with certain DVDRRd and we dont know why". So They tell me sorry the game doesnt work try buying another dvd driver and see if that works.

###### you want me to buy something because you dont know how to program?

In a round about way I told them I will not do any such thing and I need a RMA so I can get my money back from their POS game. They said sorry it sais that the game my not play on certain drives" its the yellow part on the bottom back of the cover". I said I dont care your error doesnt mean I'm out 50 bucks. This went on for about 5 minutes until I asked for A CS manager. And I got a freaking voice mail.

Well back to the top Thank god I bought this at Walmart as they will return anything (even their policy sais they wont return opened software).

Shame on you UBI as a dedicated GR GRAW player this was the last straw for me.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Compaq sr1650nx stock

nvidia 7600gs

windows XP



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###### you want me to buy something because you dont know how to program?

I can't have something to do with their programming. It must be the disc quality. Some drives simply don't read some discs.

What brand do you have on the DVD drive? Could be good for the community to know.

I can't help you on the refund or returning of the game however as Grin isn't involved in that loop. But as you don't need the disc in when you play, you should be able to install it over a LAN with some help from a friend or a laptop. I know it's not what you want but it's a suggestion.

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Bad story.

I have seen that warning on the box many times, but this is the first time I have come across the actual issue. There was one poster here who had install issues and it eventually turned out his drive was going bad, so a new drive solved it.

I don't know if it is possible or easy in your Compaq too maybe upgrade the drive to a faster model and then you can benefit from faster burning and also start to enjoy GRAW 2 :)

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DVD is a

hl-dt-st dvdrrw gwa-4166b

And it wasnt the disk quality as it would install on my wifes work computer.

UBI told me they have KNOWN issues with certain DVD rewrite drives and they dont know why.

Here is the error

Feature transfer error

Feature: EFIGS

Componet: Common Data

File: e:\data2.cab

Error: Incorrect Function

When copying DVd to drive this was the erro

"cannot copy data2:

Invaild ms.dos function"

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i reported that prob a while ago... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44768

i had to install over the network off of my lappys dvd-rw-drive.

imho this is definately a problem with the disc-quality.

Again, I'm willing to bet the disc itself is fine. The DRM implimented is what's most likely causing the problem. Which really sucks if you ask me.

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Probably not disc quality but a DVD with a weaker laser.

It's not an elcheapo LG is it? or Benq /acer drive. If need be, purchase a blank DVD, copy it at your wife's work, burn at a very slow speed so it gets a deep burn. And then install at home. Slower burns actually usually can be read by DVD/CD's with weaker lasers. It doesn't have to be on the original DVD as far as i know, so this should work, as i think it only checks your key.

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