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Graw 2 League in CAL?

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Hey guys,

I used to be an admin in Cyberathlete Amateur League and I have put an application in to start a GRAW 2 League. If this got started would you or your clan compete in it? Please get as many clans as you can to post a response so I can prove to the Head Honcho's that there is significant demand. I know other organisations have been slow to start this up but I feel there is a VERY healthy community here and a great game so lets make it happen! I'd like to be able to refer to this thread as proof of that so all you clan'ers please post a reply!

Also, what are your favorite competetive formats/gametypes? What rules or types would you like to see?

example: RvsA 6v6 with 25 minute match time.

or TDM with 3 respawn and 20 Match time.

or HH with 4 rounds of 10 minutes with 200 tickets.

You get the idea.


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Not sure if SCE will go there or not.. depends on three things..

1) how the ranking system works?

2) How matches are setup?

3) Any tourney's planned?


oppps 5 I guess...

What teams are involed

and most important it must be a CLEAN environment to play in .. NO CHEATING PERIOD!!!

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Any word on this... I guess not... ?

Considering that RVS, a 4 year old game, has more teams and activity on TWL than GRAW2, I doubt that CAL would support it. Sad, I think GR2 is 100% better than RVS and one of the best FPS's on the market but for some reason the majority of gamers don't like it or won't ladder it.

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