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[high end physics without an ageia card]

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with everything on high (including textures by adjusting xml) and physics on normal, i was getting 25-30 FPS at 1920x1080 @ 60Hz. Performance was only at 60% +/- 5% with a 1.15 GB page file.

Physx High dropped FPS to 7. Lowering the resolution, textures, and all other settings did not help at all. CPU usage jumped to 80%

Physx Xtreme dropped it to 3 FPS. Even menus were slow. No change in CPU usage, still around 80% +/-5%

GPU was 55-60 C in 3D mode

I'm guessing that anyone who can run eXtreme physx at 25-30 FPS without the card has a dual/ quad processor machine? It does look nice though for the short time its there, but i'm out of pci slots. i'd rather pick up a new board and just try to hack this in the meantime.

XP Home Edition SP2

Pentium4 540 w HT, 3.2 GHz 800 MHz FSB

4GB DDR2-800 RAM

Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro 256MB @ 621/ 1540 MHz

DirectX 9.0c

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PhysX cards have come down quite a bit recently. If you have a PCI slot available it's not a bad purchase. I got mine for $80. Plus, PhysX allows a more massive scale of Physics. With a PhysX card, I experienced no laggy explosions, and nearly no FPS hit. Before and After benchmarks revealed roughly a ten frame drop in FPS from 55 on my rig to 43-47 FPS. Overall, I think PhysX is worth it...

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Hey, can someone tell me how to get Aegia Island work

caz every time when i enter the campaign selection menu, i cant select Aegia island for some unknown reason, and my physics is all weird and stuff..

I dont have a phyx card, is it still possible for me to play Aegia island?

System Info:

Vista 32

Quad Core 2GB


Directx 10

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Wow finally got PhysX extreme working with just a VGA, the new 8.07.18 Nvidia PhysX software finally enabled to me the option in GRAW 2 menu.


More info here :


Check the screenshot (click to enlarge) :


And yeah, Ageia Island is available.


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