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GRAW 2 Restarting my computer

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Alright, I cant handle it anymore.

When I first got the game, when I played it, it error CTD every 5-20 minutes. It gave me a render error, so I went through my computer, updated my forceware drivers, my video drivers, and made sure my sound drivers for my soundcard were current.

Now, instead of a CTD, I got FULL system restarts with NO errors, every single 10 minutes of play. After a while, I read that dual core processors, or SLI can be the problem, I disabled SLI, and now I can play. But, now I get semi regular crashes, not so bad that I cant enjoy the game. I should have kept working it out though, it is driving me crazy.

Total system restart with a error after. If I had to say what it takes to recreate it, if I shoot the noob-tube and blow up a car in front of me, not just hit the car, but that second one that makes it REALLY blow up. It does a .1 second audio glitch, freezes and instantly power off.

I would assume that it was my PS, but everything else works fine. It is a new modular 600 watt dual rail Power Supply. I game out all night, every night. If I play anything else, (fear, bf2, 2142, AOEIII, C&C3) its great with SLI on!!

Anyway, thanks in advance if anyone looks at this.

Windows Error Signature:

BCCode : 19 BCP1 : 00000020 BCP2 : 88A8FBB0 BCP3 : 88A8FE18

BCP4 : 0A4D0002 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

Error Report Contents




ASUS M2N32SLI-Deluxe

AMD 5800 X2 2.8

OCZ Reaper 2gig Dual channel

2x EVGA 7600GS with 512 each DDR2

Nspire 600w PS

Diamond 7.1 sound

2x Seagate Barracuda 500gig HDD

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