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3d Max plugin for GRAW2


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Can't say I did any modding for GRAW1, but as far as I understood it was pretty hard to get things (props) going into the engine and most of the maps ended up by looking like some sort of clones. I was looking a bit at the tutorials provided by Grin for getting custom made objects into the game and it was looking a bit confusing and lots of work had to be done manually to get things right. (XML coding)

I was just wondering if it ain't possible for you GRIN guys to set up the 3d Max plugin so some of the XML files are generated automatically if we point it to where it should be placed, what material our object should have and so on. I guess this will limit some of the options you have when manually coding it in XML, but for example to get a tree, a fence or very simple objects into the game it would be way easier when we avoid all the XML coding and I pretty sure this will lead to alot more variation in the hopefully soon fan-made maps.

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I was thinking the same thing for weapons. Wouldn't necessarily have to be made by GRIN, but someone who knows how to write simple programs and understand what needs to be changed. Basically, you'd enter the name of the weapon and it would generate all the directories and basic xml code. Maybe even start as a clone, you just pick the type, ie, pistol, rifle, secondary, etc. perhaps even a specific weapon similar to what you will be making. It would go in and change all of the entries in the xml that needed the new new name and in the u_file, strings, mod_data, and weapon xmls, etc. You'd have your duplicate weapon with the new name in seconds. All that would be left to do is export your model over the .diesel file.

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I guess some things could be automated, but it would take time and won't happen for GRAW2 by Grin.

Use copies of the XML files from the original game and edit them. That's the fastest way to do it, and it's the way work. Lots of copy-paste. Once you got the technical understanding of how your object is going to be used in the game, the XML files are not that hard to handle for simple objects like landscapes and static props.

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